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From fuel to boiler care, tanks to our new Smart Monitor, Certas Energy takes care of all your heating needs.


As the UK’s largest off-grid energy provider, you can rely on us to keep you fueled up,
regardless of your location or when you need it.
We offer flexible payment options and unbeatable prices.
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Why choose Certas Energy as your fuel provider

Count on our dedicated local team of experts to provide personalised service tailored to your needs. With a range of delivery options and flexible payment methods, you can trust us for reliable fuel solutions, every time

Local Depots

94 local
depots across
the UK

Assured Nationwide 2

900 tankers
delivering diesel

Fuel Products

Quality range
of fuel products
from reputable

Flexible Payments

Flexible payment
options and
Apple Pay

Competitive Pricing


Excellent Customer Service

customer service

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