Reliable, competitive fuel supply

Keep your business moving and premises warm with reliable supply, friendly service and local delivery from our 900 tankers, drivers and 150 depots nationwide.


Diesel, gas oil, kerosene and more...

With over 100 years of fuel supply experience, we provide a diverse range of bulk fuels for on and off-road vehicles, machinery and heating oils for commercial applications. Count on Certas Energy to keep your business moving by delivering on time and in full, always.


High performance fuels, lubricants, additives, storage and dispensing solutions combined with efficiency-enhancing services.


Fuel supply and payment options to suit your business

Whether your business requires fixed payment plans over a defined period, spot pricing or on-the-road access with fuel cards, you can count on Certas Energy to provide reliable diesel, gas oil and heating oil supply from our national network of tankers, depots and refuelling bunker sites to keep your business moving.


Delivering for your business

As the UK’s largest fuel and lubricants provider, you can count on our 150 local depots, 900 tankers and 2,500 knowledgeable employees to provide reliable supply and consistently competitive prices through our robust infrastructure and varied supply base.


A cleaner-burning diesel alternative

With mounting pressure politically and environmentally to reduce harmful emissions, both locally and globally, as the UK’s exclusive supplier of Shell GTL Fuel, a cleaner-burning diesel alternative, we’re committed to helping businesses on their journey to a low emission future.


Heating. Boiling. Drying. Saving.

As the cost of heating oil continues to rise, your business could realise immediate and on-going cost savings by moving from gas oil to Therma35 for your commercial heating applications.

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