Certas Energy Career Paths – Unique Journeys

We are really proud to have featured our apprentices and Rebecca in our blog last week and want to continue featuring our amazing colleagues, the work they do and their career journeys with the company.

This week’s blog post focuses on the opportunities to develop and move into different roles across departments here at Certas Energy it really does feel like the opportunities are endless!

Peter Croll

Sales Project Manager, Scotland

Peter has been with us for 14 years so we wanted to know more about Peter’s career journey here at Certas Energy as well as gaining his perspective on what it takes to excel in the business!

Peter started in May 2004 as a Heating Services Administrator and hasn’t looked back since, he has moved into inbound sales, retail, commercial sales and worked within operations at our Crieff Depot. We were intrigued to know more…

Can you start by telling us how you have progressed through your roles?

As you know I started in the Heating Services Team and quickly moved into Inbound sales where I learnt how to input orders, got used to pricing and the various fuel products, I was lucky to have worked under two senior members of staff who were incredibly helpful! I then took a secondment as Retail Co-ordinator and worked on contract renewals, spot pricing and got involved in a large rebranding project for 45 forecourts across Scotland. When the afternoons were a bit quieter using my own initiative I started making outbound Commercial calls to try and develop my own rep code further.

After a good bit of success I took on a combined role as Retail Co-ordinator/Commercial Sales Representative which I performed for about 5 years before moving fully across to Commercial.

I’ve become a senior member of our Commercial team in Scotland and look to actively develop and support new sales team members on a daily basis. I was appointed as Sales Project Manager for Scotland last year looking at regional development with responsibility for developing new products and supporting our management team on any issues.

What do you think has contributed to you being able to progress like this and move into different roles across the business?

I have always had a strong work ethic and a real passion to see the business do well, I always speak honestly about what I think is good or bad for the business. My immediate line managers have always been supportive of my personal development and I have completed all the WOW courses, have attended Cambridge Judge Business School where I achieved their General Management Certification and I am a current candidate on the Certas Inspire Programme.

You don’t get anything for free you have to earn it, and that means we have a strong team who do their bit for each other. Training and development is always available, our two senior managers are always approachable and will listen to you and support you on anything you are trying to achieve as long as it marries with the goals of the business. I still have a lot to learn within the business and know that I am being developed under a succession plan that will eventually see me take another step up in the management team.

How did you find the move from Sales to Operations?

I was a blank canvas in terms of how a depot operates; my sole exposure within the business was to Sales. I took the role on as a secondment, initially I was apprehensive as I had no operations experience but any nerves were quickly overcome as the team at Crieff were welcoming and supportive of my development needs. During this time I learnt how to receive bridger loads into the depot, how to changeover valves on the tanks and how to do a depot walk round to ensure it was fully compliant with regulations at all times. I also got involved with doing month end stock reconciliation and was able to get involved with the sales staff in the region day to day.

What advice would you give to people trying to progress within the company/across departments

Keep your head down and work hard, earn your stripes and when the time is right don’t be scared to put your hand up and ask to be developed further.

A strong work ethic and a thirst to learn more will carry you a long way.

What, besides the development, has kept you at Certas Energy?

What always keeps me here is knowing that I get well supported on any training or courses I want to do and that my hard work an experience is appreciated. Personal relationships mean a lot to me and I trust and respect the people I work with every day.

Has Peter’s journey inspired you?

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