Certas Energy Driver Training Academy

This week we spoke to Melissa Whyte, Transport Training & Admin Manager. Melissa is responsible for ensuring all of our drivers have up to date training and licenses; this includes ADR renewals, PDPs, CPCs, manual handling, ADR security and marine training to name just a few courses! This is a massively important job as Melissa makes sure all our drivers are compliant and able to go out on the road. Any non-compliance or delays with this could potentially lead to non-deliveries for customers!

As a company we value the knowledge and skills of our colleagues and in turn we place a great deal of importance on the training and development we offer. This week Melissa shares with us the launch of the Driver Training Academy:  

In addition to the investment, we have spent a substantial amount of time creating NEW training courses not only for our LGV drivers, but for colleagues around the business as well. For non-driver colleagues we have new e-learning courses including an ADR security course and training for company car drivers around driving safely.

Providing ‘best in class’ and industry leading training for our Tanker Drivers is our first priority, all driver training and license renewals are done in company time and paid for by the company – which is a great plus about being a driver at Certas Energy!

The Driver Training Academy includes:

  • NEW CPC courses that we have had accredited
  • NEW external training programmes such as Smith Driver Direct and Driver First Assist
  • NEW training videos being produced and the ability to deliver ADR courses internally
  • Under the Driving Academy, we are now offering a new range of training courses to colleagues within the business such as our NEW ADR Security course and ADR Awareness webinars for all colleagues
  • Smith E-Learning courses for company car drivers, lubricant drivers and heating service engineers

As a new driver joining the business you can expect to receive 12 months worth of training to underpin your driving skills and experience.

A big thanks to Melissa and the Training team and if anyone has any queries about joining Certas Energy as a driver please contact our recruitment team on 0345 600 6890

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