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Liz NAW 2022

National Apprenticeship Week 2022: Meet Apprentice Driver Liz

We start our series of National Apprenticeship Week posts with the latest HGV Driver Apprentice to join the business, meet Liz.  Liz joined us in December 2021, read to find out what attracted Liz to undertake a driver Apprenticeship with Certas Energy and her experience so far….

“Before joining Certas Energy I worked at a company, delivering scissor lifts and cherry pickers.  Due to being furloughed, I began working as a carer for the elderly to help and support my community during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have always had an interest in driving lorries and love being on the road, so when I saw an opportunity at Certas Energy to gain my HGV licence and to obtain my ADR licence, I took the chance and applied for the apprentice role to become a fuel tanker driver. I am now here today starting my new career.

I was interested in the apprentice route as I knew this road would teach me the most and allow me to gain the knowledge I need to become a successful fuel tanker driver.

In my short time at Certas Energy, I have already learnt so much.  Number one being all about how to keep myself the vehicle and others safe while loading and unloading.  I have learnt how to use the hose, the bulk hose and how to do gravity drop deliveries.   I have also learnt a lot about what to look for at delivery sites and how the condition of customer tanks may affect the delivery procedure.  I have been taught how to do basic tasks on the On-Truck Computer (OTC) and I am now looking forward to learning as much as I can, so I can have a long and successful career at Certas Energy.”

Are you interested in a driver apprenticeship at Certas Energy?

There are currently a number of apprenticeship driver opportunities available with more to come in 2022.  Interested?  Visit our jobs page and be sure to revisit regularly to check when a vacancy may come up near you.

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