Caitlan Russan – Apprentice First Line Support Analyst

Caitlan Russan Apprentice Quote

“Doing an apprenticeship means that that I can learn whilst training and also build my on the job experience”

Caitlan works as Apprentice First Line Support Analyst in our IT department and tells us why she chose to complete an apprenticeship in IT with Certas.

“I’ve always been the tech troubleshooter at home. It took three years at college before I decided to take the leap and go for a career in IT. I had previously tried careers in music technology and animal care. But I eventually listened to my Grandad who kept telling me I’d be suited to a career in IT. The family even call me ‘tech support’ at home.

Why an apprenticeship was right for me
I chose the apprenticeship route because even though I had qualifications I didn’t have the relevant work experience. Doing an apprenticeship means that that I can learn whilst I’m training but I can gain by also building my on the job experience which is really important. I feel that I will be in a good place having that experience. With IT in particular, I’ve noticed experience is really important.

If I had to pick between doing this or any of my previous jobs, I’d choose this every time.

Since starting my role at Certas, I have noticed that my communication skills have improved a lot, especially how to simplify IT language. My team leader Kayleigh has commented on how I have been able to do this well. So I hope that I am helping my colleagues in Certas with their IT.

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