Kayleigh Cassie – IT Helpdesk Team Leader

“The work for my dissertation will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the IT Department”

Kayleigh joined Certas in 2016 as It Administrator for the telephony team and gives us an update on her progress this year for National Apprenticeship Week.

“My role has changed dramatically over the last year with a promotion from IT Business Administrator to IT Helpdesk Team Leader. This has given me a huge leap into my first management role.”

When I changed roles within the IT Department, there were only 2 IT Helpdesk staff, and there had not been a Team Leader for almost 12 months so there were many changes required within the department. The team is now a team of 7, including myself. We have 5 First Line Support Analysts (2 of which are Apprentices) and an Apprentice Business Administrator to take over my old role. It has been a steep learning curve for us all but is certainly putting my degree to good use.

Progressing my studies
In regards to my studies, I officially passed my third year in 2020 and therefore have now completed the general IT Management for Business degree. This next year (year 4) I will be focussing on my dissertation project to gain my honours for the degree. As well as this, I have three other modules to pass including Information Security and Society, and Business Intelligence and Reporting. So I’m sure it will be busy!

With the change of role, as well as the ongoing pandemic, this has been the hardest year so far in terms of balancing my workload in terms of my day job, university work and my dissertation project. I am however, hoping that the work for my dissertation will have a positive effect on the efficiency of the IT Department as we can review the current IT Helpdesk software and alternative options. We may hopefully have this signed off as the final part of the project ready for implementation towards the end of the year. This is an example of how my apprenticeship and day to day work go together.

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