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Certas Energy are double finalists for the APEA Awards 2023

Our team in Roadside Services are finalists for not just one, but two awards!

APEA Innovation Award – FuelTapp

FuelTapp is a digital fuel card that has been developed over the past 12 months by our Fuel Card Team to combat crime and fraud. FuelTapp is featured on a smartphone application and generates a PIN code to purchase fuel. FuelTapp is the first and only operating digital fuel card in the UK market and eliminates the need for physical cards or cash. The development has been a welcomed innovation and a large step to better security in the industry. 

APEA Health & Safety Performance Award – The Hollies, TheStop

The Hollies, TheStop is the oldest truck stop in the UK. Over the past 12 months the team at The Hollies have made significant updates and worked on continuous development at the site to ensure everyone on-site is in a safe and healthy environment. 2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of Certas Energy’s ‘Safety First’ program and The Hollies used every opportunity to improve the oldest truck stop to have the newest and latest health & safety in technology, policies and procedures. Placing the quality of care to anyone on site first. The team is now excited to have been nominated and shortlisted as a finalist to the prestigious award.  

Congratulations to all the nominees and we look forward to seeing you at the awards on November 16th. 

Interested in speaking to one of our team about FuelTapp? Get in touch here or to read more about The Hollies, TheStop click here to visit our website.

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