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35 Facts about Ultra 35

Running commercial boilers, dryers and heaters during winter can be expensive. So if you use gas oil for your heating, why not save money by switching  to Ultra 35 – Certas Energy’s own brand of heating oil?

Here are our 35 facts, features and benefits about Ultra 35 to explain how you could benefit from switching your heating oil this winter: ..

1. Costs of heating oil are rising but Ultra 35 is a cheaper alternative to conventional gas oil

2. 100% compatible with existing gas oil-using equipment

3. Totally mixable with other gas oil

4. No modifications are needed when switching from gas oil

5. Suitable for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters

6. Heating oil is widely used to heat homes and businesses across the UK 

7. Heating oil is in highest demand from October to March

8. Ultra 35 provides a lubricity for valves and pumps in boilers – increasing boiler-life 

9. Can also be used for grain drying

10. It is not suitable for use in plant, generators or engine applications

11. Widely used in commercial industries including agriculture, food processing, industrial and manufacturing

12. Blended from high quality virgin grade fuels 

13. No waste fuel

14. Blended in the UK and specified for boiler use 

15. Extended long-term storage life 

16. More depots coming on line around the country with Ultra 35 availability  

17. No need for a separate storage tank 

18. Can be used as a direct alternative to gas oil for heat generation

19. Can be added to existing tank without having to drain it beforehand

20. Zero bio content – long product-life stability 

21. Very stable as it doesn’t attract microbial growth or water

22. Winter grade fuel specification all year round

23. Lower maintenance for filters

24. New depot recently online stocking Ultra 35 – Dagenham

25. BS2869 accredited

26. Completely miscible with other products

27. Meets Class D gas oil accreditation

28. One billion litres of Ultra 35 sold to commercial businesses 

29. Available for nationwide delivery (load size dependent)

30. One of our major water utilities customers enjoyed an overall 8% cost saving by switching to Ultra 35 

31. Can be purchased in bulk and stored in advance of winter so you can be confident that you will have enough oil to keep the heating running 

32. Clear and bright liquid compared to red gas oil

33. Drop in fuel solution 

34. New depot recently online stocking Ultra 35 – Immingham

35. Available for delivery in bulk volumes to see you all the way through the winter.

With all these benefits of switching to Ultra 35, why pay more for your heating oil? 

Contact Certas Energy to find out how much you could save on your heating bill this winter 

0345 600 4040

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