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Certas Energy Drives Air Quality Improvements With Cleaner Burning GTL Fuel at Peel Ports Liverpool

Since the turn of the century, tackling the air quality problem has slowly risen to the top of the Government’s agenda, putting the transport sector under significant pressure to clean up its act. 

Therefore making more responsible fuel choices is a practical first step to improving air quality and Certas Energy has taken steps towards this by now making GTL Fuel available at its HGV refuelling station at the Port of Liverpool. This will provide hauliers with a cleaner alternative to conventional diesel. Once initial trials with hauliers have been completed later this month, the fuel will be made available for all users of the facilities at the Port.

Certas Energy, working in partnership with Peel Ports Group, opened the state-of-the-art site in January 2017 and the station will be the first port in the UK to offer GTL Fuel.

One of the biggest benefits to transport operators is that GTL fuel can be used as a drop-in solution for diesel engines without the need for expensive engine modifications or changes to infrastructure.  Readily biodegradable, the fuel disperses easily, to make it safer and easier to handle, especially in areas where there could be a risk of contamination. As well as the transport sector, GTL Fuel is also suitable for use in inland and offshore shipping, construction and agricultural machinery as well as power generation equipment.

Andrew Goodwin, National Bunker Manager for Certas Energy said, “The availability of GTL Fuel in the North West provides an immediate solution for transport companies looking to reduce harmful emissions. Our decision to make GTL Fuel available at the Port demonstrates our commitment to investment in the region, servicing high volumes of HGV traffic 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

By offering a practical alternative to diesel that helps to improve air quality without compromising efficiency, GTL Fuel has the potential to change the future of fuel usage in the UK and our goal is to make it available at other bunker sites in our network for both on-road and off-road engines. We are proud to be the only provider of the fuel in the UK and look forward to helping visitors to the Port of Liverpool make more responsible fuel choices, supporting a cleaner, healthier Northern Powerhouse.” 

Colin Darroch, Head of Container Terminal Operations, Peel Ports Group said:

“Through our £750m investment programme, we are delivering pioneering infrastructure in the North West, such as the Liverpool2 deep-water container terminal. This level of commitment gives our customers the confidence to choose Peel Ports Liverpool as the launch pad for cutting-edge solutions. 
We are very happy that Certas Energy chose Peel Ports Liverpool as the first site in the UK to offer GTL.”

Since opening, the strategically located fuelling station has catered for approximately 15,000 vehicles, helping to ease congestion and improve efficiency by enabling drivers to refuel in under five minutes using high speed pumps. Alongside GTL Fuel the site also provides diesel, gas oil and AdBlue® for port users.

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