COP26 Round-Up: Balfour Beatty’s sustainability showcase supported by Certas Energy

After almost two weeks of discussion, collaboration and policymaking, the agenda for decarbonisation has been set at COP26, as global political and business leaders make new commitments for achieving Net Zero. Read on for highlights from the event, along with key takeaways from the COP26 conference that every Certas Energy customer needs to know.

Fuelling a more sustainable future with Balfour Beatty

Balfour Beatty’s Sustainability Showcase offered a wide programme of events and communications outlining the company’s commitments, and those of their key suppliers, on the road towards decarbonisation. Certas Energy is proud to support customers like Balfour Beatty on their journey to Net Zero Carbon, helping to navigate ongoing regulatory changes and explore cleaner-burning drop-in alternatives to fossil fuels like Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) fuel and Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). At the COP26 Global Innovation Hub in Glasgow, a virtual presentation highlighted Certas Energy’s energy transition commitments and our approach to sustainability. The presentation also included expert advice on how upcoming changes to red diesel duty will impact the industry over the coming year, with guidance on how business can best prepare and respond. Watch the clip below to find out more:

What do the COP26 announcements mean for Certas Energy customers?

A number of commitments were made at COP26 that accelerate the UK’s journey towards Net Zero Carbon 2050—from both policymakers and business leaders alike. The following key initiatives are expected to directly benefit UK fuel users by bringing cleaner, greener alternatives within easier reach:

  • World leaders agreed to phase out subsidies and duties that artificially lower the cost of fossil fuels including oil. No firm dates have been set for this transition, but it is already beginning in the UK with the duty equalisation of red diesel.
  • Several countries joined the UK in announcing they will phase out selling vehicles that run on diesel over the next two decades, though major automotive markets such as the US and China did not join the agreement.
  • The UK government expanded on its own policies to reduce reliance on fossil fuels with the announcement that all new HGVs of 26 tonnes and under that are sold in the UK must be zero-emission by 2035, and all others by 2040.
  • The UK also joins over 100 countries in a scheme to cut 30% of current methane emissions by 2030. This will likely lead to new legislation affecting industries that are high producers of methane, including agriculture—particularly cattle farming—and waste disposal.
  • 28 new countries joined the ‘Powering Past Coal Alliance’, launched by the UK and Canada at COP23 in 2017 and now numbering 137 nations. The coalition aims to phase down reliance upon coal in major economies during the 2030s, and in poorer nations during the 2040s.
  • Over 450 global financial organisations, collectively in control of $130 trillion, have agreed to back technologies that lower and eradicate carbon emissions, while reducing investment in fossil fuels. The move is considered a major step forward in the collaboration between the UK government and the private sector in meeting net zero targets.
  • Over 20 countries and financial institutions, including the US, the UK and the European Investment Bank, have committed to setting aside $8 billion per year in support of green energy initiatives.
  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson also emphasised the importance of investing in alternative and innovative methods of energy production, such as carbon capture.
At the COP26 Global Innovation Hub in Glasgow, Certas Energy supported Balfour Beatty with this virtual presentation that highlights Certas Energy’s energy transition commitments and our approach to sustainability.

Ready to take the next step in your energy transition? Contact your local Certas Energy team for advice on fuelling a cleaner future for your business:

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