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Smart solutions for managing your fuel on construction sites this winter

Winter Fuel Construction

Efficient fuel management is crucial for running a construction site successfully, and it becomes even more important during the winter months. Colder weather can cause issues like machinery malfunctions and delivery delays, as well as potential damage to fuel tanks and contamination of the fuel itself. However, improved fuel management through a combination of smart technology and optimised storage solutions can help keep your site running the right way, no matter the weather.

Safe and secure storage

Temperature changes can affect the durability of equipment, so it’s crucial that site managers are using high-quality tanks at the right size to fit their requirements. Certas Energy tanks are available as supply only or can be delivered, installed and maintained by our team, taking the stress out of the process and allowing you to focus on what matters – getting the job done right.

Another key challenge for construction companies is ensuring the ability to transport fuel supplies across congested sites, or even between different sites. This is heightened in winter, when poor transport conditions and low temperatures can make the journey more dangerous. That’s why our transportable storage tanks are designed to keep your fuel safe and secure throughout the seasons, making it easier to transport fuel and keep your site moving. And as the regulations around gas oil are changing, Certas Energy can help you understand how the new rules might affect your transporting needs.

Smart monitoring with telemetry

Telemetry is a monitoring system designed to provide oversight of bulk fuel storage tanks. The system helps construction businesses to protect their fuel assets, free up valuable resources and ensure uninterrupted fuel supply. The system offers constant visibility over fuel consumption, stock levels and projected depletion dates, helping to effectively plan and manage the fuel needs of your site. This also means that, if your fuel stocks dropped suddenly – through theft or spillage, for example – the system sends an instant alert to allow site managers to react quickly and prevent further loss or damage.

And during the winter months when fuel delivery can be delayed by bad weather, the system’s automatic order placement technology can offer real peace of mind that your site can keep running by placing a top-up order as soon as the tank hits a predetermined capacity. Not only can this function give businesses confidence that they won’t run out of fuel, it also frees up time for site managers to focus on keeping their site moving. Plus, it eliminates the need to pay a premium for emergency orders, cutting avoidable costs and allowing for better budget management.

Technology innovations are opening the construction industry up to new and exciting ways to better manage fuel, leading to significant time, environmental and cost savings – especially during colder weather. Discover how our range of fuel management and supply solutions keep construction sites running efficiently by getting in touch today.

Protect your fuel

Diesel Defender is an easy-to-implement solution that can help to deter fuel theft of non-rebated fuel and prevent financial loss. The liquid blue marker dye colours white diesel, also known as road diesel or DERV, to produce a green fuel, making it distinguishable from diesel purchased for personal use. It acts as a powerful deterrent to thieves as it improves fuel traceability, impacts resale value, and exposes non-commercial use.

Keep your construction site running the right way this winter. Talk to Certas Energy for more information.

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