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Flexible fuelling options to trial and buy HVO renewable diesel

As a leading HVO fuel supplier, Certas Energy is committed to helping make the switch to HVO fuel as simple and seamless as possible. We take pride in providing solutions that suit our customers’ business needs, no matter what point they are at on their energy transition journey. That’s why we offer a number of cost-effective, risk-free and flexible fuelling options to help customers make a gradual move towards HVO adoption. 

Introducing HVO IBCs

We now offer Certas Energy HVO in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) as a convenient way to trial Certas Energy HVO before making the full switch. These versatile containers can hold up to 1,000 litres of HVO fuel with a built-in tap system for easy dispensing. They are surrounded by a metal cage for added protection and to allow for easy transportation by forklift.

Buying HVO in IBCs is an ideal way to introduce renewable diesel into operations and cut up to 90% of greenhouse gas emissions, instantly. 

Other benefits include: 

• Easy-to-handle

• Easily transportable

• Suited to construction or other large sites

• Helps reduce product waste

• An ideal solution for sites with limited space

• Designed to withstand all weather conditions

All our IBCs are reused rather than new, and we also operate a collect and recycle service, to help customers to accelerate their environmental objectives even further.

HVO and diesel split delivery

HVO currently costs slightly more than regular diesel, but as demand and supply increases, the price difference will start to decrease. To help make the transition to HVO more cost-effective for customers in the meantime, we offer split deliveries, whereby the renewable diesel is supplied in intervals. For example, customers can receive one delivery of HVO fuel for every four deliveries of standard diesel. HVO fuel is fully interchangeable with DERV and can be mixed or blended at any percentage so there’s no need for separate storage tanks – simply drop-in and go.


This approach allows businesses to make a gradual transition to HVO, helping to allay any concerns of a straight switch to HVO fuel and to facilitate better fuel cost forecasting. Importantly, it means that businesses can meet their carbon reduction goals without adopting 100% HVO for their operations and give them peace of mind that they are taking small but significant steps to achieving their sustainability goals.

Talk to our experts today to discover how we can make the energy transition work for your business.

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