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Fuelling up for harvest – top 5 tips


Harvest is one of the busiest times of the year on an arable farm and with so many different things to manage, monitoring fuel levels to ensure you have enough to keep your equipment moving often falls to the bottom of the list.

However, running out of fuel can have serious consequences for your productivity levels so we’ve developed a handy 5 step checklist to help make sure your farm’s fuel and machinery needs are covered during this busy season:

Oil up!

Just like you, your machinery will be working hard during the harvest period. To get the most out of your farm equipment, make sure you’re using OEM manufacturer approved lubricants to reduce engine wear and protect machinery components.

A survey by Shell Lubricants revealed that only 29% of farmers surveyed understand how the protection lubrication offers against wear and tear can lead to cost savings but by using the right lubricant at the right time you can reap the rewards this harvest.

Make the essential checks

Safe and secure fuel storage is essential to keeping your farm moving. If your fuel tank is not compliant with storage regulations, is obstructed, requires fuelling at height or is cracked, you run the risk of fuel suppliers refusing to make a delivery. Now is the time to do a health check on your tank to check it’s fit for purpose.

Don’t play a guessing game

During harvest fuel consumption levels can be higher than normal and the last thing you want to happen is to run out of fuel. There are a range of fuel monitoring solutions available that help you keep track of fuel usage. Once fuel levels hit a certain point, an order can be automatically triggered so you don’t have to lift a finger or risk downtime due to running out. They can also alert you to sudden drops in fuels levels caused by leakages or even theft.

If your machinery’s engines are fitted with SCR catalysts, don’t forget to monitor your AdBlue® levels too to ensure compliance with emissions regulations. Our AdBlue® is ISO 22241 compliant and available in a variety of packs including jerry cans, IBCs and bulk.

Keep topped up

Travelling between field and farm to fill up with fuel can waste valuable time. What if you could take the fuel with you? The TruckMaster range of tanks available from Certas Energy is specifically designed for the safe transportation of fuel, meaning you and your machinery can keep moving through harvest.

Save money on drying costs

Once harvest is over the grain needs to be processed but running grain dryers can be expensive. Our alternative agricultural heating oil is cheaper to conventional gas oil and is suitable for use in commercial boilers, dryers and heaters.

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