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Leading fuel supplier Certas Energy to roll out nationwide HVO and become the first to offer HVO fuel at HGV refuelling sites

Certas Energy customers nationwide can now power their operations with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) – and instantly cut up to 90% of their business’ greenhouse gas emissions. Certas Energy is part of DCC plc, a leading international sales, marketing and support services group, which launched its new Leading With Energy strategy in May 2022.

As well as fuelling its own fleet with the low carbon diesel alternative, the UK’s leading fuel distributor has launched HVO delivery to businesses across the UK. The drop-in renewable fuel is also available at selected Certas Energy refuelling sites, including its Thurrock HGV refuelling site – making Certas Energy the first in the UK to offer HVO fuel to HGV fuel card users at the pump. The company has plans to roll out supply across more of its nationwide network of HGV refuelling sites over the coming months.

HVO is a drop-in diesel alternative that offers a cleaner way to fuel commercial on and off-road fleets than traditional red or white diesel, with no engine modifications required. The roll-out of HVO across Certas Energy’s extensive network underpins the company’s commitment to supporting UK businesses on their transition journey to net zero.

Niki Holt, Head of Commercial at Certas Energy, said: “Our nationwide HVO offering marks a major milestone for our company and, more importantly, our customers. The renewable diesel alternative provides an immediate and simple carbon reduction benefit for businesses working towards cleaner operations – it’s simply drop in and go.

“This seamless fuel change means diesel-dependent industries can make a smooth, frictionless transition and realise significant sustainability benefits, without delay or disruption. We are proud to be leading with energy by offering a viable route for businesses looking to lower their carbon footprint, today.”

Certas Energy is not just delivering on its promise to bring HVO to customers. The company is also adopting the fuel across its own delivery fleet. Following a successful trial at two depots, which saw almost 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions cut from operations in just one year, Certas Energy is already well on the way to rolling out HVO across its 900-strong fleet.

With industry forecasts predicting significant demand for renewable diesel over the coming years, Certas Energy has already committed significant investment to expand its offer. The transition to HVO is one of several decarbonisation initiatives implemented by Certas Energy as part of its commitment to both support the UK’s journey to net zero as well as to dramatically reduce its own operational CO2 emissions (50% reduction by 2030).

To learn more about the benefits of HVO and how to reduce your own footprint, see here.  

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