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Fuelling Fleets

The A to Z guide to fuelling your fleet

There’s no denying that transport and logistics is a mile a minute industry. Faced with demanding delivery schedules, ongoing driver shortages and growing pump price volatility, preparation is pivotal in ensuring a productive and profitable fleet.

With the right products, you can cut unnecessary downtime and keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently all year round, while also reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

So what products should you prioritise to keep your fleet driving forward this year?
Here’s some fuel for thought…


Reduce fuel emissions with AdBlue.

A legal requisite for today’s HGVs, AdBlue reduces Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions, meeting the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines – all while saving on engine operating costs.

Plus, with the journey to Net Zero accelerating, AdBlue is a vital product for today’s fleet, helping to cut harmful emissions from diesel-powered heavy vehicles. Make sure to stay stocked up so that your fleet never runs out unexpectedly, particularly during periods of high capacity.


Reduce unplanned downtime with additives.

The productivity and profitability of any fleet relies on everything running smoothly – but when engine breakdowns occur, unplanned downtimes can disrupt targets. Therefore, it’s hugely important that your engines can perform at their best – for long haul and short haul journeys alike.

At Certas Energy, we have a wide range of additives that are designed to help you keep your engines in the best condition to not only improve fuel performance, but to also help reduce unplanned downtime by minimising the need for maintenance and part replacements.

From gas and oil conditioner and fuel store plus, to anti-bug kill, anti-wax and diesel power restorer, we’ve got what you need to keep your fleet’s engines performance-ready. Need help choosing? We’re always on hand to advise on the right solution for your fleet.

Diesel Defender

Protect your fuel when you need it most with anti-theft marker dye.

With fuel theft on the rise across many industries, re-evaluating your fuel security is an important step to protect your valuable assets against opportunistic thieves. Diesel Defender is a liquid anti-theft marker dye that’s permitted for use in UK non-rebated fuel (white diesel, road diesel or DERV). The dye, which is bright blue, colours the diesel to create a green fuel – acting as a powerful deterrent, improving traceability, impacting resale value and exposing non-commercial use.

Fuel cards

Keep on top of expenditure and consumption with fuel cards.

Fuel accounts for an estimated 35% of fleet operation costs, so it’s important to have a clear overview of expenditure and consumption to make sure you can keep your costs down.

That’s where fuel cards can help. Certas Energy Fuel Cards have been designed to help fleet managers keep track of their fuel spend, while also ensuring consistent access to quality fuel. As well as full visibility, fuel cards give you complete control to provide unmatched security. You can set limits and controls based on your business needs, as well as unique PIN numbers to protect against risk of fraud or theft.

Our fuel cards can be used at 3,000 strategically placed refuelling sites across the UK to help ensure your fleet keeps moving – wherever they may be. Certas Energy also offers 30 specialist high-speed HGV refuelling bunker sites nationwide, as well as a number of LCV/LGV refuelling locations. These HGV sites enable refuelling at up to 120 litres per minute, compared to 40-60 litres per minute at a standard motorway forecourt, saving crucial time and maximising efficiency.


Keep your fleet moving with the fuels you need.

Fuel is, arguably, the most important product for a busy fleet. Our assured, competitive DERV (Diesel Engine Road Vehicle Fuel) supply is available to your fleet at 130 depots across the UK and we also have 900 tankers committed to delivering diesel nationwide. With competitive prices and a reliable supply from the UK’s largest fuel distributor, we can help you keep your fleet moving throughout the year.

Transition to a more sustainable future with HVO.

The race to net zero by 2050 is well and truly underway, but for fleet managers looking to kick-start their lower emissions journey, limited infrastructure and support can be a roadblock.

HVO is one readily-available solution to help your fleet reduce its carbon emissions. This drop-in renewable alternative to diesel can help your fleet reduce its emissions by up to 90% instantly, without the need for engine or machinery changes. HVO is also practically FAME, sulphur and fossil free* – making it a easy switch for fleets looking to become more sustainable.

Because we believe in leading by example, we are now fuelling our own fleet with HVO and have also launched HVO delivery for customers nationwide. What’s more, Certas Energy also became the first fuel provider to offer HVO to fuel card users at the pump at selected HGV refuelling sites, including our Thurrock refuelling site – with more sites to follow in the coming months.

Find out everything you need to know about choosing an HVO supplier here.


Keep the wheels turning with lubricants.

When demand is high, the last thing your fleet needs is costly unplanned downtime due to engine failures. Lubricants can help your vehicles to maintain optimal performance and productivity, while also minimising expensive repairs.

We supply a wide range of lubricants to suit all of your fleet’s needs – from engine oils to grease to hydraulic oils, we have what you need to keep your fleet driving smoothly throughout the year.

Need help choosing the right lubricants for your fleet? Click here to learn more about our extensive range and to reach out to our experts.

Reduce emissions and improve air quality with GTL Fuel.

Free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals, and aromatics, GTL Fuel is another drop-in cleaner alternative to diesel that is non-toxic, biodegradable and less harmful to the environment. One of the major benefits of using GTL Fuel is the reduction in emissions of regulated pollutants including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), helping to improve local air quality, without the need for any engine modifications.

Keen to learn more about cleaner alternatives to diesel? Check out our ultimate guide to navigating the new energy mix.

Drive your fleet’s fuel efficiency with onboard telematics.

When managing a busy fleet with tens or hundreds of vehicles, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of activity out on the road. Onboard telematics provide an integrated solution, offering fleet managers full visibility of their entire fleet – no matter where they are, or how many vehicles they operate.

Tracking your vehicles can help you realise fuel cost-savings of up to 25%, by identifying areas of inefficiency. It can also improve driver safety, with automatic defect and maintenance reporting helping to reduce road accidents by up to 20%.

Furthermore, our telematic technology comes with the FuelTrace Geo-Plus feature, which cross-references location with fuel card usage and alerts you if a card is ever used without its associated vehicle. Our telematics also come with CarbonTrace, an emissions monitoring system that can help you keep track of the carbon footprint of the fuel purchased with your card, so that you have full visibility of your fleet, including its environmental impact.


Prioritise fuel safety and security with tank solutions.

With so much to think about, fuel safety and security can fall down the priority list. But with fuel theft on the rise and environmental concerns becoming more of a pressing issue, now is the time to consider how storage tanks can help.

Our range of state-of-the-art static or transportable tanks and security features can give you the peace of mind you need. Our wirelessly-fitted telemetry system FuelWise can also help aid safety and security. The technology enables real-time remote fuel monitoring, with automatic alerts triggered in the event of a sudden drop in levels, which could indicate theft or a leak. Automatic top-ups can also be set-up so that you never run out of fuel, giving you all-important peace of mind.

We’re here to help you keep your fleet fuelled and running smoothly throughout the year.

*<1% nominal trace levels only, if not zero.

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