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Russian Oil Ban – Company Statement Update  

Issued: 4th December 2022

UK distributors have had some intermittent disruption to oil supply, however this has mainly been caused by inclement weather delaying vessels to offload product into ship fed locations.

Other disruptions have been short term in nature such as protesters etc, these have been sporadic and largely unforeseen.

In accordance with UK government, there will be no Russian product coming into the UK from 5th December 2022.  

With contractual supply agreements with virtually all major refineries and importers across the UK, Certas Energy is not beholden to any single supplier, affording us a strong position to mitigate risk of any potential future supply challenges. 

By utilising our entire depot network and large tanker fleet to continue to support all our customers, Certas Energy will continue to focus our effort to minimise disruption and you can be assured that we have a robust business continuity mechanism in place, enabling us to consider alternative supply sources as well as to prioritise deliveries appropriately when needed.

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