Think Bigger: Using Tech To Maximise Fuel Efficiency In Construction

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Construction is one of the world’s most innovative industries, yet through its own admission has been slower to embrace the wave of digital transformation that has revolutionised sectors such as transport and manufacturing. However, with the rise of ConTech – or construction technology – that’s set to change, with businesses now looking to technologies including virtual reality, AI and predictive site analysis to improve productivity in a sector with a growing skills shortage.

Similarly, there are a range of new technologies that can transform construction fuel and fleet management for the better. Using smart monitoring, the internet of things and automated systems, these solutions can help construction businesses boost productivity and save significantly on fuel spend.

Here we break down how the latest fuel and fleet management technologies improve construction site efficiency by saving on fuel spend, protecting your assets and freeing up valuable resources.

Talking Telematics
Telematics is a monitoring technology that uses diagnostics to track how, when and where equipment is used. While telematics is nothing new – at least in passenger cars and haulage fleets – its use in plant equipment has been far less widespread as a result of limitations in existing technology.

On the one hand, each original equipment manufacturer offers its own telematics system for plant machinery. Yet these systems often work in isolation and do not integrate with telematics systems from other OEMs. Furthermore, until recently there was a lack of telematics solutions available for old or specialist machines. With many construction companies owning mixed fleets of varying ages, these factors meant it was extremely challenging to know how plant equipment was being used.

Idle times are the single biggest source of inefficiency and increased emissions on most construction sites. But while idling is unavoidable, it’s not unmanageable. MachineMax, the telematics system supplied exclusively by Certas Energy, is a wireless sensor that can be used with any piece of heavy equipment to give a complete visibility of all fleet activity. All information is sent from the sensor directly to the MachineMax app or browser-based dashboard, so site managers can use the system to track in real-time if machinery is active, off or idling – wherever they are.

Having sight of idle times with telematics allows managers to act quickly and stop machinery wasting fuel and reduce emissions. As well as delivering savings on fuel bills, the total activity overview offered by telematics can help businesses to avoid excessive payments to leasing companies or subcontractors.

Smart Monitoring For Smart Fuel Management
Real-time monitoring is a key part of another essential piece of fuel management tech. Telemetry, not to be confused with telematics, is a monitoring system that can be installed in bulk fuel storage tanks on construction sites to track fuel stocks either locally or remotely. The system helps construction businesses to protect their assets, free up valuable resource and ensure uninterrupted fuel supply.

On a basic level, telemetry’s 24/7/365 telemetry offers visibility over fuel consumption, stock levels and projected depletion dates. But one of telemetry’s most significant benefits is peace of mind. If fuel stocks drop suddenly – potentially indicating theft or a spillage – telemetry sends an instant alert, allowing site managers to react quickly to prevent further loss or damage.

Checking fuel levels and making top-up orders are just extra tasks in a site manager’s to do list. Telemetry technology has the power to make this a thing of the past with the integration of automated ordering. Once fuel levels drop below a predefined point – say, 40% of a tank’s full capacity – this triggers the telemetry system to automatically place an order with a local supplier to top up the tank before stocks run too low.

Not only can this function give businesses confidence that they can never run out of fuel, it also frees up time for site managers to focus on what really matters – keeping a site moving efficiently. It also means that businesses no longer have to pay a premium to place emergency orders, as the system alerts suppliers in good time.

Fuel and fleet management technologies can help businesses think bigger when it comes to minimising waste and maximising profit. At Certas Energy, we supply telematics and telemetry solutions that are specifically designed for ease of use, universal integration and adding value to your construction site.

Think Bigger. Discover how our range of fuel management and supply solutions keep construction sites moving efficiently and cost-effectively – download the brochure here.

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