Heating Oil Lincolnshire

As the colder months draw in, you need a heating oil supplier you can count on to help keep your home warm. Certas Energy is the UK’s number 1 heating oil supplier for a reason. Thanks to our extensive network of depots and drivers, we deliver top-quality products to help heat homes across the UK, including Lincolnshire. Trust Certas Energy with your heating oil supply, and never worry about running out of oil again.

Domestic heating oil prices in Lincolnshire

If you’re looking for the best heating oil prices in Lincolnshire, then having someone who understands the industry can help. At Certas Energy, we like to make things as easy as possible for our customers and for the last 20 years we’ve been able to help over 4000 in Lincolnshire. Our friendly local Lincolnshire team are happy to help find you the best price of oil in your area – speak to an advisor today on 0345 600 4040.

Thanks to our strategically placed depots across Lincolnshire, including Spalding and Stallingborough, we’re able to deliver high quality oil at a competitive price to homes across the region. Get a quote instantly online with our quote generator and see how Certas Energy can help heat your home for less.

Where do we deliver to in Lincolnshire?

At Certas Energy, we have an extensive network across the UK which includes over 130 depots, 900 tankers, and 2,300 employees. Thanks to this, we’re able to deliver heating oil to thousands of customers throughout the country – including Lincolnshire. From the sandy shores of Skegness to the green fields of Grantham, our drivers will make sure we deliver heating oil to your home on time and in full.

Always safety first

Whether you’re looking to fill up on heating oil or to give your boiler some TLC, you can trust that you’re in safe hands with Certas Energy. We’ve introduced a number of new safety measures during the current pandemic to help keep both our customers and staff protected. From drivers and engineers wearing PPE to social distancing in our service centres, our coronavirus measures will ensure that you don’t miss out on the oil you need.

Find out more about our coronavirus safety measures in our company statement here.

Why choose Certas Energy?

● UK’s number 1 heating oil supplier
● 130 local depots across the UK
● Excellent customer service
● Competitive pricing
● Flexible payment options and credit terms
● Discounts & offers available to our valued customers with Certas Energy Extras

Heating oil FAQs

Where can I buy heating oil in Lincolnshire?

If you need a top-up on your heating oil, you can count on Certas Energy. With depots located throughout the UK and network of drivers, we can deliver anywhere in the country – including Lincolnshire. We provide top quality products to help heat your home, including our range of heating oil tanks which will help keep your home running all year.  

How much is heating oil in Lincolnshire?

Heating oil prices fluctuate regularly because of a number of reasons, including customer location, demand, and even the weather. Because heating oil prices change so often, it can be difficult for oil suppliers to publish heating oil price figures on their website, as they will quickly become outdated. To get an accurate and up to date price of heating oil in Lincolnshire, speak to a member of our local team on 0345 600 4040 or use our quote generator to get an instant prince on heating oil in Lincolnshire.

What month is heating oil the cheapest in Lincolnshire?

If your household uses heating oil and you’re looking to save on your annual bill, then you may want to consider purchasing heating oil in the summer months. This is because the demand for oil is typically lower due to warmer temperatures. As a competitive heating oil supplier, Certas Energy constantly checks the price of oil in your area so that we can offer a competitive service. To find out the price of heating oil in Lincolnshire today, try our online quote generator.

What delivery options do you offer in Lincolnshire?

Certas Energy offers several delivery options in Lincolnshire, so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind when it comes to your heating oil. Come rain or shine, our reliable Lincolnshire team are on hand to make sure your tank is topped-up whenever you need it. Thanks to our planned delivery options, there’s no need to call to arrange your order and we’ll give you confirmation ahead of your delivery. Get in touch with our team today and join one of our plans.

How much heating oil is used per month?

An average home will use around 1,700 – 2000 litres of heating oil per year, so it’s fair to say that homes typically use around 150 litres per month. However, if you want to make sure you order enough heating oil to heat your home, there are a couple of things you can do to check your oil usage:

● Set a regular day to check fuel levels
● Complete a full check of your tank – keep an eye on any cracks or leaks
● Consider using a smart monitor
● Use a dipstick to measure your fuel levels manually

Can I use red diesel instead of heating oil?

Red diesel is commonly used throughout the UK in a commercial setting. Also known as 35-second oil due to how long it takes the fuel to pass through a specific measured hole, it has a cherry red appearance and is thicker than traditional heating oil. Red diesel is used as heating oil in Asian countries, but is not recommended as a heating oil in the UK. Kerosene is the type of oil that is predominately used to heat homes in the UK.

At Certas Energy, we are proud to offer a top-quality kerosene oil, as well Glowmax, our premium kerosene oil which is a cleaner, more efficient heating oil.

Reliable heating oil suppliers in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is one of the most prominent regions in the UK, featuring a rich and plentiful history and some impressive architectural feats, including the world-famous Humber Bridge. It’s also home to arguably the most important document in the country – the Magna Carta, which was the first document set into Law. The region also has an impressive agricultural landscape that is responsible for 20% of the UK’s produce.

With so much going on in Lincolnshire, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your next heating oil delivery. Certas Energy is proud to heat over 4000 homes in Lincolnshire, so you can count on us to take care of your next order. .

If you’re looking for a reliable heating oil supplier in Lincolnshire, then visit our contact page or call 0345 600 4040.

Certas Energy extras

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