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When it comes to keeping your home warm, you can always count on Certas Energy. Our reliable Suffolk team are on hand throughout the year to make sure you never run out of heating oil. We’re the UK’s number one heating oil supplier for a reason and are proud to supply top-quality heating oil to over 7000 homes in Suffolk. With strategically placed local depots positioned throughout the UK and a network of delivery drivers at our disposal, you can rest assured we will deliver your oil on time and in full.

Domestic Heating Oil Prices in Suffolk

Heating oil can make up a large part of your household expenses, so it’s important to get a good price on your heating oil. Oil prices fluctuate daily due to a number of reasons, from weather conditions to the cost of crude oil, so it can be difficult for oil suppliers to publish current prices online, as the price changes so frequently. To get an accurate and up to date price on heating oil in Suffolk, complete our easy quote generator form or speak to a member of our local team on 0345 600 4040.

Where do we deliver to in Suffolk?

If you’re based in Suffolk and are looking to get heating oil delivered to your home, you can count on Certas Energy. We regularly deliver to homes across the region, including Ipswich, Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds. Our network of 130 depots and drivers ensure we can deliver your oil to you on time and in full, and we have a number of strategically placed local depots in Hadleigh and Sudbury that will help us to get your fuel to you quickly and efficiently.

Always Safety First

At Certas Energy, the safety of our customers and staff is a top priority. During the current pandemic, we’ve introduced a number of safety measures to keep things running as normal. All our drivers and heating engineers wear PPE and we’ve also introduced social distancing measures in our service centres. So whether you need a heating oil top-up or a boiler service, you can count on our team to provide a safe and efficient service.

Find out more about our coronavirus safety measures in our company statement here.

Why Choose Certas Energy?

● UK’s number 1 heating oil supplier
● 130 local depots across the UK
● Excellent customer service
● Competitive pricing
● Flexible payment options and credit terms
● Discounts & offers available to our valued customers with Certas Energy Extras

Heating Oil FAQs

If you’re based in Suffolk and are looking for a reliable heating oil supplier, trust Certas Energy. As the UK’s leading heating oil supplier, we have over 130 depots across the UK and a network of thousands of drivers and engineers who are ready to deliver to your home. Our local Suffolk depot centres are based in Ipswich, Sudbury and Norwich, and help us to ensure we deliver your oil in time and in full.

The price of heating oil in Suffolk and the rest of the UK constantly changes due to a number of reasons. Factors such as customer location, amount of oil required, politics, foreign exchange rates, and even the weather can all determine how much you pay for heating oil. So, it can be difficult for heating oil suppliers to publish current prices online, as the price changes so often.

To get a current heating oil price in Suffolk, complete our easy online quote generator or speak to a member of our team on 0345 600 4040.

As a leading heating oil supplier, Certas Energy constantly monitors the oil market to offer our customers competitive prices on heating oil. Our flexible payment options also mean you can spread the cost of your heating bill, so you can make sure you never run out of oil again.

Oil prices can be extremely volatile, so trying to guess when heating oil will be cheapest is not always straightforward. However, there are some things that are easier to spot when looking for the best time to buy oil. In general, the summer months are the cheapest time to buy heating oil, as there is less demand for oil.

When you place your order with Certas Energy, you can choose a delivery time to suit your schedule. Please note that on occasion, some deliveries will be sent in stages depending on how much fuel you order and the size of the tanker requested.

Plus, thanks to our planned delivery options, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when you next order heating oil. Our reliable Suffolk team will make sure your tank is topped-up all-year-round, so you’ll never have to worry. With our planned delivery options, you don’t need to call to arrange your order, while we’ll confirm everything ahead of your delivery – you can keep track of everything with our delivery tracker. Get in touch with our team today and join one of our plans.

There are a number of ways you can check how much oil you have left in your tank. These include:
Use a dipstick – simply dip the stick into your tank to get a manual reading
Perform a sight gauge – most tanks will let you visibly check the volume through markings on the tank, though these aren’t always accurate
Check the float gauge – a float inside the tank will go up or down depending on the oil level
Use a Smart Monitor – a Smart Monitor will digitally check your oil levels and send an accurate reading to your phone, so you can effortlessly stay on top of your fuel usage

For average households, 1,700 – 2000 litres of heating oil will typically last for around a year. However, this figure can vary and usage figures can depend on a number of factors, including:

● The size of your house
● How often you have your heating on
● The quality of your boiler

At Certas Energy, the minimum order for heating oil is 500 litres. We sell a range of domestic tanks too, which vary in size from 1,000 litres up to 2,700 litres. Every home is different, so it’s best to check your fuel consumption before placing an order to ensure you order enough oil.

Located on the easternmost point of mainland Britain, Suffolk is a melting pot of history, culture, and agriculture. The county is bursting with natural beauty, thanks to its 50 miles of breathtaking coastline.

Certas Energy has been supplying heating oil to homes in Suffolk for over 20 years. With over 46,000 homes using heating oil in Suffolk (source: OFTEC), you can count on us to keep the cold at bay. If you’re looking for a reliable heating oil supplier, visit our contact page or call 0345 600 4040.

As our way of saying thank you to our valued customers, we’ve introduced Certas Energy Extras. Enjoy unparalleled access to countless discounts, offers and cashback deals from some of the world’s biggest brands when you purchase your heating oil with Certas Energy. Sign up today and enjoy year-round benefits for the whole family!

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