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As of 15th March 2020, it is required that anyone in Wales who is storing more than 200 litres of oil above ground level must be 110% bunded (provide a secondary spill containment, also known as bunding trays or oil bunds).

All oil storage solutions must now feature a secondary containment system to catch any leaking oil and help to minimise the risk of oil spills, therefore protecting the surrounding soil and nature from contamination. As well as being impermeable to water and oil, the bund must be able to contain at least 110% of the tanks maximum contents and needs to be regularly checked for cracks and leaks. For environmental purposes, this is now a legal requirement for many Welsh residents.

Who do the regulations apply to?

The oil tank regulations apply to those with above-ground oil storage facilities of 200 litres or more on industrial, commercial, agricultural, and residential premises.
However, if the oil tank is for domestic properties and was installed before 15th March 2016 (when the first stage of the regulations was introduced) it remains exempt until replaced with a compliant alternative. All tanks installed after this date must be compliant.

To read the government’s full guidance on the new oil storage regulations for Wales, visit:

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Rest assured that all tanks supplied by Certas Energy meet ISO 9000 standards and satisfy the new regulations for oil storage in Wales.
If you’re unsure whether your oil tank is compliant with the new regulations or if you’re considering upgrading your tank, contact us and a member of our tank team will be able to discuss our full range of oil tanks and storage solutions available.

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