Certas Energy News

Certas Energy News

How to Reduce Food Waste at Home

In the 21st century, excessive food purchasing has become somewhat of a habit for many. Whilst it’s nice to have a fully stocked pantry and

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Helpful Guides for Domestic Customers

How to Choose an Energy Provider

With prices increasing, choosing the right energy provider is vital in ensuring you keep your monthly bills low. Though energy prices are obviously an important

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Benefits to Off-Grid Living

What Are the Benefits of an Off-Grid Lifestyle? In a time where every penny counts, you may be considering an off-grid lifestyle. Though at first,

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Fuel-Related Legislation Update

Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation, Development Fuels Obligation, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Update December 2022 Important notice of  the impending changes to certain fuel-related legislations, namely:

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