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How to save money on your heating oil bills

With living expenses through the roof, everyone is keeping a closer eye on their fuel consumption. But, when the colder winter months arrive, we naturally start to use more heating oil to keep our homes warm. 

We care about keeping you safe and warm. So if you’re wondering ‘why am I using so much heating oil?’, we’ve gathered practical tips to help you reduce your bills. With our advice, you can save money on your oil central heating.

10 Handy Tips to Save Money on Oil Heating Bills

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Get your oil boiler serviced

Servicing your oil furnace regularly can be the single best way to reduce your oil usage. This service is essential for keeping your boiler running well, which in turn, reduces your heating oil usage. OFTEC recommend servicing your boiler once every 12 months. The last thing you want is an expensive breakdown in the middle of winter. 

We have around 60 oil specialist engineers working across the country. Call us on 03457 620 620 to enquire about oil boiler servicing.

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Top up your heating oil before busy periods

Every year, the heating oil industry sees a series of peaks across winter. The price of heating oil tends to rise in line with increased demand. So refill your tank before the change of season wherever possible. 

Cold snaps and unexpected factors (like international relations or another pandemic) can all drive up demand significantly. That means, it’s harder for us and our competitors to meet this demand. There are also only so many trucks on the road delivering fuel in Great Britain, so you may experience delays.

Check your tank regularly and place your order early to secure the best heating oil price. If you are eligible, make sure to join the Cold Weather Priority scheme. This scheme helps us prioritise deliveries to those over 75 in times of cold weather and increased demand.

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Sign up for Certas Energy Pay Monthly Predict

Reduce your energy bills by splitting the cost of oil over a longer period of time. Say goodbye to large one-off payments and only order the fuel you need with Pay Monthly Predict. 

Our Pay Monthly Predict service offers helpful alerts three weeks before you’re due to top up on home heating oil. These reminders allow you to order just the right amount of heating oil you need, for when you need it. 

Pay Monthly customers pay via Direct Debit on the agreed date each month, for more manageable oil bills.

Find out more about Certas Pay Monthly Predict

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Install a heating oil monitor

Heating oil monitors can help you keep track of your heating oil usage. Monitors often come with handy mobile apps and alerts so you can know when your fuel oil is running low.

Investing in the FoxRadar tank monitor will give you a complete picture of your heating oil consumption and your spending. Tracking how much oil you use over a period of time can help you spot opportunities to save on heating oil. Understanding how much oil you actually use when heating your home is the first step to becoming more energy efficient. 

Track your oil usage and reduce your heating oil orders accordingly.

Find out more about our FoxRadar heating oil monitors.

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Consider upgrading your standard heating oil to Glowmax

Glowmax heating oil helps to increase boiler efficiency and keeps your heating system healthy. Although premium oil is slightly more expensive per litre, Glowmax can reduce your heating oil consumption, saving you money long-term. 

Clean-burning fuel can make your boiler more efficient and reduce the risk of expensive breakdown costs.

Learn more about Glowmax.

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Turn the hot water temperature down by a degree

You should be able to control the temperature of the hot water in your boiler. Just turning the temperature down by a degree or two can cut your energy costs. 

This money saving tip also applies to your radiators. Lowering your heaters by a couple of degrees is unlikely to yield a noticeable temperature change in your home.

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Bleed your radiators regularly

It’s a good idea to bleed your radiators periodically to help you avoid any pockets of air from building up. Air in your radiators can prevent your heating system from working at its full efficiency. 

Leaving your radiators un-bled can cause them to distribute heat unevenly. Uneven heating, in turn, will take longer to heat up a room and use more oil in the process.

Take a look at our guide to boiler maintenance for more information.

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Keep your radiators free from obstructions

Large furniture, or items that block radiators, can prevent warm air from being able to circulate. Even if your heating system is running at optimum efficiency, furniture position can impact the heat you actually feel. 

If your radiators are blocked, you may want to turn up the thermostat to warm your room properly. But there’s a cheaper solution – simply move any obstructions away from your radiator to experience the full benefit of the heat.

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Secure your home from draughts

A great way to save on your oil heating bill is to insulate your home. Home insulation plays a big part in maintaining the temperature of your home and keeping your fuel usage lower. By insulating any areas where heat escapes, you’ll consume less oil when heating your home. 

Quick fixes to reduce your cost of heating include: 

  • Make sure to seal all potential sources of draughts. Seal cold air outside by insulating windows and gaps around doors. 
  • Open curtains in the day to let in the sunlight and close in the evening to keep the warmth in. 
  • Keep internal doors closed, where possible, and consider a draught excluder if you have a large gap under the door.
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Invest in home insulation to save money on heating oil

We know that a typical off-grid home is older and less well insulated than the UK average. You may want to invest in more extensive insulation as a long-term solution to the rising costs of energy. 

Take a look at the Energy Saving Trust to get advice on how to insulate your home.

These tips will help you to make the most out of your existing heating oil.

Find out our top tips to cut costs and save money at home.

If you need to top up your heating oil, place an order with us today.

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