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Tank regulation changes in Wales

New tank regulations have been introduced in Wales, make sure your business complies.

Tank regulations
in Wales

As of 15 March 2020, new regulations in Wales were introduced to tackle the amount of pollution caused by leaks, bursts and spillages from above ground oil storage tanks.

All tanks need to be strong enough to hold fuel and heating oil safely, tanks with a capacity of over 200 litres or more require a secondary wall or skin (110% bunded) to comply. Failure to comply to the new rules could receive a £5,000 fine and face prosecution.


Upgrade your tank to stay compliant

At Certas Energy, we’re committed to helping our customers stay compliant. If you’re unsure whether your tank is in line with the new regulations, contact us to find out.

Need an upgrade? With our range of safe, robust tanks in a range of materials and capacities, we can provide a competitive quote based on your business requirements.


Is my tank compliant?

If your tank was installed after 15th March 2016, it will already be compliant. However, those installed before with 200L+ single-skin may need to upgrade. Head to our blog to find out more about the regulations and for examples of compliant tanks.


What are the consequences?

For tanks that fail to comply, the penalties could be significant. Being non-compliant is a criminal offence, so those responsible could face prosecution as well as a £5,000 fine. Take a look at the issues around oil spillages and find out how you may be affected in our infographic.

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