Ashleigh Randall – Contracts and Projects Manager

Ashleigh Randall Apprentice Quote

“I continuously want to improve, learn and push myself out of my comfort zone”

Ashleigh Randell is a Contracts and Project Manager in Certas’ National Accounts department. Find out how completing her apprenticeship has helped strengthen Ashleigh’s management skills.

“Before doing the apprenticeship I was new to a management role and I didn’t fully understand all the different aspects of managing a team. Throughout the course there are different modules such as managing people, managing budgets and planning projects which has provided me with useful knowledge and experience to perform in my role.

The apprenticeship qualification has enabled me to reflect on my management style and learn that there isn’t a one size fits all approach. I applied the knowledge I gained into practice and worked with the team to understand their learning style and built training plans that suited each individual style.

Since doing the apprenticeship, I have also managed numerous projects and have been able to plan and organize projects more efficiently and ensure that I fulfil the role of a completer and finisher.

I continuously want to improve, learn and push myself out of my comfort zone. Doing the ILM isn’t easy but I gain a lot of knowledge and it helps me reflect on how I work and behave, which in turn has made me a productive manager.”

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