Emma Wordsworth – Operations Director

Emma Wordsworth Apprenticeship Quote

“Without my apprenticeship I wouldn’t have been able to make the transition to my new role”

Emma Wordsworth is approaching the final stage of her apprenticeship which is MSc. In Logistics and Supply Chain Management.  Find out how the apprenticeship has prepared Emma for a change of role and how it continues to support her career at Director level. 

“In November I moved from HR director to Operations Director.  This was a brilliant move for me as it goes hand in hand with what I’ve been studying for the last two years.  Without my apprenticeship I wouldn’t have been able to make the transition.  It has allowed me to prepare by providing me with the technical knowledge I needed to move into this specialist role.  I was so lucky when this role came up as it is so relevant to what I have learned, particularly around supply chain.

The technical knowledge has definitely supported the transition, but what has surprised me is that pretty much everything I’ve come across so far I have a good theoretical knowledge of.  It’s great being able to apply this practically and in the’ Certas context’.

Overcoming Challenges
This year completing the apprenticeship has been unusual but the college were great in adjusting our learning to fit with the new virtual way of doing things.  Team work and group assignments were more difficult but it has all been accessible.

Most of this year has been working on my thesis which is around customer delivery windows and work patterns which I’m finding really interesting.  I’m currently preparing for my end point assessment at the end of February which will conclude my studies.

I’ll be preparing my portfolio and then I’ll need to present my thesis and an interview on my key technical and behavioural learning, demonstrating what I have learned in work.

This is a Masters level apprenticeship and it is hard work.  But the benefit of doing this as an apprenticeship is flexibility.  The university adapted the training so I  could complete it across two years. I couldn’t have done it alongside my day job otherwise.

Once this is completed, I aim to focus on my role and hands on experience.  It can be hard to balance home and work life and study. Lockdown probably helped in a way by restricting social activity and giving more study time. 

I’m so glad I decided to take the apprenticeship though, I know it has benefitted my career greatly.

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