Philip Vowles, Heating Services Engineer

Heating Services Engineer Quote

Philip has successfully passed his apprenticeship with a distinction and is now a fully qualified Heating Services Engineer. This is his story:

In my previous role I had learnt basic plumbing skills working within a specialist water treatment industry, however there was minimal lack of progression.

In 2017, I decided to apply for the role of Apprentice Heating Engineer with Certas Energy. I was attracted to the wide range of fantastic opportunities that were on offer.

The job has given me the chance to learn and understand domestic heating systems whilst also improving myself.

I have been very fortunate to also gain extra skills during my apprenticeship; such as tiling, carpentry and plastering. My knowledge about plumbing and heating has also improved and continues to grow.

I am now qualified and working independently. I have even been involved in the training of other trainee heating engineers which has been a great experience.

I feel excited about my future at Certas Energy and I look forward to new opportunities and the chance for further career progression.

If you enjoyed reading about Philip’s experience as an Apprentice with Certas Energy and would be interested in applying, check out our current Heating Services Apprentice vacancies at

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