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ASH Group achieves total visibility over fleet fuel consumption with Certas Energy fuel management solutions


Since switching to onsite fuel storage, bulk fuel and fuel card solutions from Certas Energy, ASH Group has achieved total visibility over fuel usage and expenditure across its fleet with a clear audit trail of spend to support resource planning and prevent fraud. The business has also reported a significant reduction in fuel costs, saving more than a penny per litre on the two million litres of diesel and red diesel it requires annually.


ASH Group Limited is a leading waste management and recycling solutions company with over 28 years’ experience of delivering services from waste collection and disposal to recycling and multi-site clearances. Operating from bases in Widnes, Chester, Wrexham, Telford, Birmingham and Ellesmere Port, the ASH Group comprises three waste management businesses: ASH Waste Services, Alan’s Skip Hire and Nationwide Waste Services.


Collectively, ASH Group runs a fleet of 139 vehicles, comprising 96 heavy vehicles (including rear-end loaders, tippers, hook lifts, skip vehicles and trailers) and 43 company cars. Along with this are numerous plant machines. To keep a fleet of this size running smoothly, ASH Group requires volumes of around two million litres of diesel and red diesel annually. 

ASH Group depended on its drivers refuelling while on the road. This meant that the company was paying pump prices to stay topped up, an exercise that was becoming increasingly costly. Furthermore, with pump prices in constant flux, it became challenging for the business to plan its weekly fuel budgets in advance.


ASH Group worked closely with Certas Energy to find a fuel management solution tailored to the needs of its fleet to help reduce fuel costs across the business.

Following the consultation, ASH Group installed a 30,000 litre Kingspan DieselPro fuel storage tank at its Wrexham ASH Waste Services site. ASH Group chose to receive weekly bulk fuel deliveries from Certas Energy to ensure a reliable fuel supply, and supplement this with the use of Certas Energy fuel cards for drivers to purchase fuel on the go. With fuel cards and bulk fuel priced on the daily PLATTS rate, ASH Group is able to track the market to ensure fuel is delivered at the most competitive price.

With fuel management integrated into its fuel storage tank, ASH Group has total visibility and control over its fuel stocks, and can rest in the knowledge that fuel is protected and secure. This has also helped with fuel resource planning, as the tank’s fuel management solution is able to keep records of when, where and how much fuel is dispensed.

When drivers need to refuel on the road, ASH Group now orders bulk volumes of fuels via Certas Energy’s Bunker Link Service (DNT) with PLATTS-linked pricing. As well as ensuring all fuel is secured at the best price, Bunker Link offers drivers more flexibility, as they are able to collect the purchased fuel at over 2,000 refuelling locations using a Certas Energy, Key Fuels or UK Fuels card for maximum convenience.

Since switching to Certas Energy fuel cards, the close-proximity of ASH Group’s Wrexham location to the Certas Energy Bryn Lane HGV bunker site has delivered additional cost-savings. Drivers are able to use their Certas Energy fuel cards to save one pence per litre when filling up at the bunker site’s high-speed HGV pumps.


“Making the decision to install an on-site fuel storage solution and bulk fuel delivery from Certas Energy has definitely paid off. We’ve seen significant reduction in costs both from the bulk DNT on PLATTS rate and on fuel cards; when you are using around two million litres of fuel a year, the savings can really add up. 

“The peace of mind we’ve had from knowing there is always a reliable fuel supply at a competitive price and having an audit trail for usage can’t be understated. From start to finish, switching to Certas Energy was completely hassle free and the team has always been there to support us every step of the way.”

Phil Mottershead, Transport and Compliance Manager at ASH Group.

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