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A guide to kerosene prices

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About Kerosene

Kerosene is widely known as an efficient and reliable fuel source. The thin clear liquid is often used to heat homes and has many commercial uses too. Kerosene, or 28 second oil as it is commonly known, is a popular choice, due to its low freezing point, for industries where engines and machinery are exposed to colder temperatures. 

As with all fossil fuels, kerosene contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, however, it produces fewer emissions than some traditional fuels like coal and wood.

What affects kerosene prices in the UK?

Kerosene prices fluctuate daily and even throughout the day, therefore it is always advisable to contact your local team for up-to-date kerosene prices. 

Kerosene prices fluctuate daily and even throughout the day, therefore It is always advisable to contact your local team for up-to-date kerosene prices. 

There are numerous factors that affect the price of kerosene, including:

  • Supply and demand – Prices are driven by the increased production/ lack of this product
  • Currency exchange rates – Countries which rely on energy exports to fuel economic growth mean that any peaks or troughs in exchange rates, affects the price on this fuel
  • OPEC agreements – OPEC (The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) exists to keep global oil prices stable which then affects the price of fuel 
  • Social and political issues – These can also impact kerosene prices, such as conflicts in oil producing countries 
  • The weather – This is also known to alter fuel prices due to delivery issues or increases on demand

What is the cost of kerosene per litre?

There is no fixed cost per litre of kerosene. As the cost of kerosene is dependent on so many external factors, prices fluctuate and often quickly. As the UK’s largest fuel distributor, you are assured our kerosene prices are competitive; we track current market prices and monitor trends to predict increases or decreases which can then be passed on to our customers. We also supply a high quality kerosene so you know that you are getting a premium product as well as value for money.

Commercial kerosene for your business

  • Business Heating – kerosene is widely used as a commercial heating oil across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, utilities, public sector, retail, industrial furnaces, breweries, education and many more
  • Metal production – kerosene is used as a cooling agent for metal working
  • Cleaning – kerosene can act as a solvent, helping to remove chain grease and other tough liquids and oils
  • Lubrication – as a thin liquid, kerosene can help with commercial lubrication to improve the efficiency of equipment and machinery.

Commercial kerosene deliveries

Individual Certas Energy order volumes start at 500 litres and go up to 36,000 litres. With a fleet of 900 tankers, you can be assured of a reliable fuel supply, delivered where and when you need it. Our network of distribution depots and local drivers is equipped to deal with large or small kerosene deliveries.

Where can I buy commercial kerosene?

When looking for a supplier for your commercial kerosene, it’s important to choose a supplier that you can trust and feel confident in their ability to provide exceptional customer service. At Certas Energy we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in the commercial fuels industry, as well as competitive pricing and depots across the length and breadth of the UK.

At Certas Energy we pride ourselves on delivering premium quality fuels across the country. We are the largest fuel distributor in the UK and this means we can take advantage of a range of supply bases, ensuring we get the very best prices on commercial kerosene. We have 130 depots and 900 tankers delivering nationwide to businesses large and small, and in rural locations and inner cities. Certas Energy would make the ideal commercial kerosene supplier.

  • High quality kerosene
  • Choice of kerosene oils
  • UK’s largest supplier
  • Extensive, national distribution network
  • Bulk deliveries
  • Local team fuel specialists

What are the kerosene prices near me?

Whilst location can be one factor in changing kerosene prices, other influences like national demand and current affairs are more likely to contribute to the cost of kerosene. The current price of kerosene will vary from one day to the next, so the best way to get an accurate price is to contact your local team directly or call 0345 600 4040. You can also send an online enquiry to getintouch@certasenergy.co.uk

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