How to Make your Heating Oil Last Longer

How to Make your Heating Oil Last Longer

For most households, energy costs aren’t the most exciting task to deal with. This is especially the case when the colder winter months arrive, as we naturally start to use more heating oil in a bid to keep our homes warm. So, it’s really important to make the most of the heating oil you have and to make it last for longer. If you’re worried about running out of heating oil or would like to maximise the use of the oil you’ve already got, then we’ve put together a few useful tips to help.

  • Complete an energy inspection of your home

If you suspect you are using too much heating oil then start by looking at how you use it. Consider which radiators are on and if they all need to be, what times of the day is the heating on, or who uses it most. Look at the overall usage versus your bill and decide if it is worth the cost. Having all of the information can help you make smarter decisions and assess the most economical ways to use your heating.

  • Adjust your thermostat

It sounds obvious, but setting the right heating controls can help to keep your home warm without having to waste fuel. According to The Energy Saving Trust, Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can save you the equivalent of £60 per year – or around 310kg of carbon dioxide. Better yet, you may be able to tailor your thermostat depending on which rooms in your home you use the most. For example, if you find yourself spending more time in the study than the kitchen, then you can divert the heat to that room and lower the temperature in your lesser used rooms.

  • Insulate

Prevention is better than cure, and making sure your home has adequate insulation can save you money on heating bills. Lofts, floors and walls can all be insulated. Whilst there is an upfront cost the savings made year on year will make up for this and is one of the easiest ways to save money long term.

  • Smart Oil Monitors

Investing in a smart oil tank monitor will give you a complete picture of how much oil you are using and how much you spend. Seeing what you spend in a certain period of time can help you to assess where savings can be made and reduce your heating oil orders accordingly. 

  • Purchase your heating oil when prices are lower

The price of heating oil is extremely volatile, but there are some consistencies when it comes to finding cheaper prices. There’s a number of things that can have an impact on oil prices, such as political unrest, foreign exchange rates, and even the weather. Most people tend to use heating oil in the colder winter months, so there is less demand for oil in the summer. Because of this supply and demand, the price of heating oil is usually cheaper in the summer months. Purchasing heating oil earlier in the year, when it’s cheaper, can significantly reduce your costs and help you stretch its usage further. Find out more information about heating oil prices here.

  • Use a premium heating oil

Premium heating oils are cleaner, more energy-efficient oils that improve the performance of your boiler. Whilst your boiler will be more than happy consuming standard kerosene, premium kerosene can help your boiler to work more efficiently, which can help to extend the life of your boiler and reduce the risk of expensive breakdown costs.

  • Get your boiler regularly serviced

Domestic heating oil boilers will experience a lot of mileage, so getting a regular service could make a huge difference. It’s highly recommended that your boiler is inspected by an OFTEC-registered technician at least every 12 months, so that they can carry out a full assessment. Doing so could help ensure your boiler is delivering optimum efficiency, especially during the winter. A well-cared for boiler will consume heating oil more efficiently and reduce any unexpected breakdown costs, which can be expensive, so make sure you give your boiler some TLC every 12 months.

With Certas Energy’s boiler care service, our expert engineers are on-hand to deliver a safe, reliable, and local boiler service. So whether you need a routine service or have an emergency breakdown, you can count on us to help.