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We look forward to welcoming you at the Certas Energy Future Fuels Forum on Tuesday 20 April 2021 at 11:00 BST. This is your official attendee guide – this page tells you everything you need to know in advance of the event, including a rundown of the agenda and quick tips for taking part on the day.

What can you expect from the Future Fuels Forum?

It’s time for the inaugural gathering of our Future Fuels Forum working group.
This event brings together key UK leaders who are in the process of exploring and shaping their future energy mix.
As a group, we will share insights, learnings, ideas and questions about the energy transition,
the road to net zero and the role that liquid fuels have to play.

And this event is only the beginning. Your opinions, preferences and aspirations will fuel an ongoing series of value-rich events,
and will support the development of the future services and products.

During the event, we will be hosting keynote speeches, polls, Q&As, wider working group discussion and smaller breakout groups.
In short, interactivity as a really important element of the event. We look forward to hearing all about your future fuels journey –
what’s working for you, and finding out where you need support in your future energy mix.

Keynote speeches



Wider working group discussion

Smaller breakout groups

Your Agenda

Date & Time:

On the Day



Tuesday 20 April 2021, 11:00 – 13:00 BST
Zoom. Please check your inbox for your
personal Zoom link to join the event.

Welcome Speech – Steve Taylor,
Managing Director, Certas Energy
Keynote Speech – Ken Cronin, CEO, UKIFDA
Keynote Speech – Cathy Myatt, Head of
Environmental Policy and Improvement,
Willmott Dixon
Group Discussion – led by moderator
Breakout Sessions – led by facilitators
Regroup – facilitators share breakout learnings
Event Close – Steve Taylor

Keynote Speakers

We’re delighted to welcome two keynote speakers during the event, both of whom have a unique perspective to share on the future of fuels. Ken Cronin, CEO of UKIFDA, joins us to outline the current fuels landscape and the road to net zero. Ken will be followed by Cathy Myatt, Head of Environmental Policy and Improvement at Willmott Dixon, who will be sharing insights from Wilmott Dixon’s own energy transition, with real-life examples of the opportunities and challenges in the energy mix along the way.

Ken Cronin
CEO, UK and Ireland
Fuel Distributors’ Association


Ken has more than 30 years’ global experience in media, investor and government relations in the energy industry and has worked in and with many companies across the nuclear, renewables, oil and gas and power sectors. During this time, Ken has taken a keen interest the impact of climate change policy and public perception. Prior to his role at UKIFDA Ken worked in the onshore oil and gas sector and spent 10 years at worldwide communication agency Kreab Gavin Anderson as Head of Global Energy.

Cathy Myatt
Head of Environmental Policy
& Improvement at

Willmott Dixon

Cathy has over 20 years of experience in delivering environmental improvement and sustainable solutions in consultancy and across the private and public sectors. At Willmott Dixon, Cathy leads on the monitoring and improvement of environmental performance, primarily focussing on carbon and waste and with increasing involvement in water and biodiversity performance. Cathy works with teams throughout Willmott Dixon Holdings and sister companies to provide leadership and strategic direction and to embed improvements within the construction processes.

Event Attendees

You’re in good company. Senior leaders from the following organisations will be joining us at the event:

Before the Event – Technical Considerations
• If you have never used the Zoom application before, download the free program and install it to your laptop or desktop computer at least 30 minutes before the session begins.

During the Event

• Please join the event a couple of minutes before 11:00
BST, so we can be ready to start on time.

• When you are ready to join the event, click on your
personalised Zoom link to enter the room.

• Please enter with your mic on and camera on, and keep
your camera on at all times.

• We will mute everyone’s mic during keynote speeches
and presentations to avoid audio disruption, but will make
sure there are opportunities for questions afterward.
Please do keep your mic switched on throughout the
discussion sessions, so you can participate easily and

• We will be hosting polls for you to respond to during the
discussion, and there will be breakout rooms established
for deeper discussions in smaller groups. This event is
all about exchanging ideas, so please do participate
actively wherever possible.

• Feel free to ask questions. If you have a question or a
point to make while someone else is speaking, please
use the ‘raise your hand’ feature to attract the
moderator’s attention.

• If you’re having any technical issues and need some
support, please send a quick message to Oliver Brewood
at We’ll have tech support staff on
hand throughout to solve any challenges.

Have you completed our short survey yet?

Take 5 minutes to complete our short survey to help us to understand what your priorities are in the transition to a new energy mix, and which topics you’re most interested in discussing and learning more about on the day.

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday 20 April 2021 at 11:00 BST.

If you have any questions that haven’t been covered by this guide, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch in advance of the event.